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Brain Builder Centre:

The Future of Education

Development Programme

The Elim Early Childhood Development Centre is also a Brain Builder Centre; this following a MOU between the Early Childhood Commission and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information. The main objective of the Brain Builder Programme is to ensure that all Jamaican children get the best start in life by attending to their health, nutrition, total development needs, stimulation, social protection, child protection and early-intervention needs. This classification has elevated the development centre to even higher heights, as it is one of two within the constituency.

The early years are the time to build a strong foundation in all developmental areas, and meeting specific milestones in all five domains of development.  The programme of the institution aims at helping our students establishes behaviours’ and skills that will make them successful.


Most of our programme activities are geared towards the support of language development, self-help skills/adaptive development, social/emotional development, physical development and cognitive development. All these developments are established through Play and the use of the ECC Curriculum guide, Resource book, scope and sequence as well as the Standards for the Operations, management and administration manual.


These are done for daily living - assisting a child to be more independent and self-sufficient. There are also indoor and outdoor play being done to promote the building and strengthening of the fine and gross muscle, where the child will be able to grasp his/her pencil/crayon correctly, thus learning agility and balancing to name a few.

While other institution promotes more academic skills, our programme focuses mainly on the social and physical skills noting the importance of all five domains in developing the whole child. The students are exposed to different genre of children’s literature, dance, music and athletics skills which facilitate the enhancement of social skills in entering competitions both at school level and zone level.

Not only does the programme aid in the development of the five domains for each child but it also emphasises the successes and growth of each child’s progress, so at Christmas time and at the end of the school year the students are presented with trophies and medals for significant growth under specific headings/categories.

The centre will continue to be one of the avenues used by the church to positively impact the community and its environs.

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