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The Sound of Worship

The aim of the music ministry is to usher the congregation into wholesome and genuine worship of God. This is where the philosophy of the music ministry of Elim is centered; ensuring the atmosphere is conducive for effective, and holy worship. The ministry can be broken into four teams; choirs, musicians, sound management, and multi-media. Each team working in harmony to help the congregation forget their problems and bask in regular worship sessions sprinkled throughout service.


The music ministry is under the leadership of Deacon Kevan Williams. The musicians include coordinator and lead pianist Deacon Williams; drummers Sis. Marrion Phillips and Nathaniel Brown; and bass guitarist Bro Orville Johnson. Together, they create sweet melodies and an awesome experience which allows worship to come to the forefront. In an effort to spark the next generation of musicians, music lessons are provided to interested students. Our Choirs, namely the Chorale, Youth choir, Men’s choir, Women’s choir and the Sunday School choir, are directed by Deacon Williams, Sis Murie Braham and Sis Nateessia Braham.


The sound management team consist of Bro. Kenrick Morgan, and Deacon Kemar Barnett. They ensure the sound systems and various equipment are maintained, set up and ready for service.


The multi-media team, relatively new, is led by Minister Owen Wilson and Deaconess Yvette Edwards-Wilson primarily assisted by Sis. Nateessia Braham. This team ensures the smooth projection of information to the congregation whether it is the lyrics of the morning hymn or the announcements. They can be considered part of the worship team.


Together, these teams, when unified, enable effective communication with God on an entirely different level. However, no matter  how effective the team may be, there is always room for additional members to be apart of this exciting ministry, and as such, persons of all ages are once again encouraged to join and make a difference in the sound of worship sent to God. 

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