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The Ministry of Ushers


Though we don’t see the term “church usher” used in scripture, nor the practice of ushering as it is currently done in modern times, the idea of doorkeeper is a good biblical parallel to the work of the church usher: to control entry and exit, and to control the decorum of the sanctuary.


Derek Rishmawy writes:

In many churches, ushers still capture the Levitical priests’ sense of solemn glory. As we enter our churches, many of us are greeted by their gracious, restrained smiles, inviting us in to enjoy the hospitality of the Lord’s house.

Even when people rush in late, filled with haste, anxiety, and (possibly) anger over the Sunday morning rush, a good usher will assure, with an air of self-effacing competence, that they will not be without a seat for long.

Much as our welcoming Lord makes space within His family for the broken, the hasty, and the sinful, a good usher will make space in the pews for all."

The ministry of church ushers is a vital role as we focus on the welcome experience and stay of the first time visitors, repeat visitors and guests who attend the church. That mandate is therefore supported by the work that is done on a continual basis as we strive to serve as Christ’s representatives on the forefront of the worship experience at Elim OBC.


Church ushers are a significant part of church hospitality system and fulfil specific duties to accomplish that role.

Roles include -


  • Assist in the seating of members and visitors

  • Provide care for the needs of the Pastor and other ministers of the church during the service.

  • Attend to the needs of the visiting speaker or guests of honor.

  • Maintain the decorum of the service, according to the church’s tradition.

  • Distributing bulletins or programs

  • Attendance counting

  • Preparing the table and elements for Mass, Communion, or the Lord’s supper.

  • Preparing the baptismal font for baptisms.

  • Watch for the safety of the congregation and acting as the line of first response to medical emergencies.

  • Collecting tithes and offerings

  • Keeping order at the entrance.

  • Attend to altar ministry or response ministry as people respond to the sermon’s invitation.

  • Oversee the collection of church visitor contact information.

  • Pass on the communication materials for first-time visitors to the church official.

  • Manage how children are received for children’s church.

  • Work with the Parking Attendant team if needed.

  • Act as hosts at any special reception after a morning services.

  • Take care of repeat visitors.

  • Care for new members.

  • Work with pastoral leadership on all matters concerning the hospitality of the church.

The component of ushers for service at Elim currently stands as -

Males: 7 seniors and 5 juniors
Females: 19 seniors and 8 juniors


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