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The Health & Wellness Ministry at Elim Open Bible commenced on June 25, 2017 with its first health tip announcement, after which the programme came into full swing. The ministry introduces services to create awareness of and solve and health conditions that would seek to cripple the total health of our members. The ministry also develops and implements programmes that integrate physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, and social health and wellness.


The team sponsors educational events and experiences that promote well-being. The health team provides opportunities for the congregation to have their health concerns met through holding regular health seminars that are open to the congregation. Pamphlets are issued to members so that they could spread the information to other individuals. The ministry provides regular blood pressure and blood glucose screenings as well as weight and height monitoring. To combat disease, the ministry started an immunization programme. The weekly health tips are announced every Sunday morning as simply stated information to make it easy for the congregants to apply.

Outreach Programme                                  

Our Health and Wellness outreach programme commenced with an immunization campaign, where the ministry administered the Hepatitis B vaccines to church members and friends of the church. This campaign ended on February 4, 2018 with the second and final series of the vaccine being administered. Another campaign commenced on April 29, 2018 with the administering of the Diphtheria and Tetanus (DT) vaccine. Our goal is to immunize as many persons as possible in our congregation. We believe that “prevention is better than cure.” To date, we have administered approximately 107 vaccines. In this we boast as being one of our greatest accomplishment thus far.


Vision & Mission of the Ministry

Our ultimate vision is to establish a sick-bay for the church and to have the relevant emergency equipment available. Our overall mission is to remain committed to sharing the compassionate love and grace of Jesus Christ.

The team consists of well qualified health professionals:-


Pansy McLeod

Registered Nurse, Midwife and Public Health Nurse


Vice President

Nadeen Baldoue

- Phlebotomist


Dorothy Clarke

- Nutritionist

Prayer Coordinator

Deaconess Carol Walters

- Dental Assistant

PRO/Communication Officer

Marcena Britton

- Student

Committee Members:

Simone Braham

- Physical Coordinator

DaVita Blake

- Registered Nurse

Najee Bryan

- Registered Nurse

Carolyn Robinson

- Practical Nurse

From left Sis Dorothy CLarke, Sis Pansy
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