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Marriage Enrichment Ministry

The Power of Marriage


Marriage is far more than just a bond that ties two persons together, and seals them to a life of eternity with a kiss. Instead, it is a union created through a desire for life long cooperation and forms a solid foundation for the raising of children in accordance to God’s will. However, in order for two persons to function effectively as Man and Wife, they will need constant assistance as they navigate the deep trenches of marriage. For this same reason, the Marriage Enrichment Ministry (M.E.M) was created.

The M.E.M is led by Deaconess Christine Brown along with fellow married members of the church: Deacon Milton Walters, Sis. Nadeen Baldoue and Sis. Semone McKenzie-Johnson. Together, the team plans events, outings, and any other activity they deem fit to improve the marriages, and by extension the lives of the church’s married members.

The ministry continues to hosts interactive sessions on that cater to all married couples (saved and unsaved) allowing them the opportunity to participate in discussions on issues relating to marriage and family life. The ministry also hosts anniversary parties biannually to rejoice with married couples as they celebrate their milestones, and recently they hosted their first marriage seminar which was determined an overall successful event.

The success of this ministry and its events is dependent on prayer and as such, the M.E.M conducts prayer meetings geared toward strengthening and encouraging married couples and by praying with these couples on specific situations that are affecting them.

The team behind the planning of all these events is most proud of its annual family focus, which is held during the month of June each year. During this event, the families are encouraged to invite all members of their family to participate in the various activities. The most exciting aspect of the focus is the gender discussions held. The men, especially, appreciate these times as they get an opportunity to bond with each other and share experiences. It was during one of these planned family foci that our Bro. Michael Barnett committed his life to Jesus Christ, a big step for him and a joyful revelation for the entire church. The ministry hopes to host a couples' retreat in the near future, as this would be a great opportunity for couples to focus on their relationship while having a unique, romantic getaway without the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. The ministry is a support group for each member and therefore, welcomes newlyweds to the ministry.

Marriage takes effort and continuous work with much prayer. We believe that God intended for us to go through life with the assistance of community and the same holds true for marriages.  Therefore, in order for marriages to strive, they need the company of other Christian couples; coupled with various programs and activities. May marriages continue to flourish, and may God continue to bless them all.

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