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We were called because we are strong.


Men of all ages, experiences and mindsets are called to a higher purpose in God and in service to the church. From the very beginning of the world, the first ever hu-Man was given the task of caring for the world in which he lived and to have dominion  and this call to serve and lead still flows from generation to generation. Today, the Men of Vision (M.O.V.) serve in more ways than one but all with a sense of pride, as they move to make Elim Open Bible Church a better environment for everyone.

The M.O.V department, like any other department, would elect individuals with the vision of leading the men of the church into purpose. In this season, the man with the plan is Deacon Glen Gassop in the capacity of President.  Together, with his team's combined years of experience, they plan and execute various programs and events all aimed at producing wholesome and more spiritually grounded men. They meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays and do make time to gather otherwise for other social events.

The men are a firm support system for the church and take charge to carry out duties during Sunday service when required. Just about any role needed filled for the smooth running of the service, the men are there ready and able. They also take pride in their work done in the community, which include work with the Sunday school outreach program and the Royal Rangers; which is a program designed to teach young boys discipline and the ways of the Lord. The men also operate a soup kitchen where soup is prepared and distributed occasionally throughout the Naggo Head community. In addition to the meal, the recipients can also expect to receive prayer and a chance to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. The M.O.V is also instrumental in other areas of ministry such as street meetings and prayer walks, which are held in areas such as Newlands, Cassinor Drive and the Bus Park, to name a few.

Their work however, goes beyond the spiritual work of the church but also includes the maintenance and security of the sanctuary. The M.O.V. continues to be an ever-present force within the church and has big plans for the future. There are plans to implement projects which will focus on ways to help the church operate more efficiently. This would include ways to help the church cut costs and thus be better able to reach more with our financial resources; projects such as the installation of energy saving devices among others.  There is the continued work to bridge the gap between the older generation, and the younger. It is believed that the Royal Rangers could be one of the avenues to get this done. However the struggle to get more young men interested is one which has been a major deterrent to the efforts, and will only be achieved through earnest efforts and fervent prayer.

The Men of Vision remains focus on following the example of Jesus Christ, who is the supreme example of what it means to be a man. They strive to live after the pattern of His life, relying upon the power of the Holy Spirit to be the godly examples to the younger generation.

May God continue to rise up men of valor for Elim.

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