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SERVICE: Diakonia (Greek),
from root meaning "to run on errands," 
and so attendance, aid as a servant, ministry, relief, and hence, service
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    Mission & Evangelism  

Person-to-Person (P2P) Evangelism. Jesus was a personal worker. We follow Him.

School Supply

         Sunday School         

An avenue through which individuals, children through to adulthood, are systematically taught the scriptures



Ensuring that each and every young person who is a member or even visits, is provided with an opportunity to develop personally, both emotionally and spiritually.


      Health & Wellness      

Introduces services to create awareness of and solve and health conditions.

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We have answered the call to stand in the gap for God’s people and for those who will come to know Him.

Men in Suits

    Men of Vision (MOV)    

Focused on following the example of Jesus Christ, who is the supreme example of what it means to be a man.

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    Marriage Enrichment   

For two persons to function effectively as Man and Wife, they will need constant assistance as they navigate the deep trenches of marriage.

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         Member Care          

We have the awesome privilege to help our fellow brothers and sisters.

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The aim of the music ministry is to usher the congregation into wholesome and genuine worship of God.

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Women of Worth (WOW) 

Women fellowship and develop sustainable relationships for growth and empowerment.

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Teach, build, groom and empower members for their journey as unmarried men and women of God.

Taking Note


Taking care of others shows the heart of God.

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