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Single yet Whole in the Lord


The Singles Ministry at Elim is a group of single believers who gather to fellowship and discuss issues that are unique to them. The purpose of the ministry is to teach, build, groom and empower members for their journey as unmarried men and women of God. The ministry is guided by a number of scriptures to include Jeremiah 29:11 and Proverbs 16:3. Members of this ministry are unmarried individuals including those who have never been married, single parents, the widowed and divorced. The ministry is led by Sis. Hermin Tyrell..


The Vision

The vision is to have in Elim singles who are committed to the Lord and His commands and who are living an overcoming and victorious life in Jesus Christ. The desire is that each single will get to know their purpose in God; know the impact and importance of intimacy with God, and know that they are unique, invaluable persons selected by God to be used in service to Him.



The main objective is to develop individuals who live a lifestyle in direct contrast to the world’s concept of ‘the single person’. We aspire to be a people whose delight is in the Law of the Lord and who are willing to demonstrate to the world that being single yet whole in the Lord is a delight and not drudgery.



The goals of the ministry are to:

  • be dedicated to the development of maturity, character, integrity and stability in the lives of single individuals in the fellowship

  • assist members in learning how to seek God and His will first in all their life’s endeavor

  • stress Holiness as a lifestyle before God and man


The method of achieving this will be through the teaching of Word of God, Prayer, fellowship with one another and other singles ministries in other churches. The ministry wishes to utilize activities such as prayer meetings, bible studies, social events, seminars and discussion sessions, to achieve its goals.

Topics for discussion surround major life and spiritual issues to include, but not limited to, stress reduction/management, sex, holy living, parenting, loneliness, marriage and managing personal Finance.


We encourage singles to thank God for the gift of singleness and to make the most of it for as long as you have it; while keeping your eyes fixed on heaven, as our eternal relationship with Christ is what ultimately matters.

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