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Our children should know our story

Yesterday the garbage collectors came, but by the time they were good and ready to drive off, one of them found an old bag for my daughter in the rubble, and was already happily wearing it on her back. I walked in from my gate in tears!!! Why? Because I know what it was like to see others' throwing stuff out, growing up, and wished even that could be mine. 😥

I sat my kids down last night and told them just how far God had taken my family from to where we are blessed to be now, because I would hate for them to take for granted the life they've been given, because of lack of knowledge.

Food, shelter, clothing were always basic needs, but to my parents, siblings and I, it was luxury or a privilege! I told them not to despise small beginnings and I saw a friend post it this morning. 🙏

No! I am not ashamed of where I'm coming from because it has molded me into being the tenderhearted, caring, loving, giving person I am today. It's given me real treasures to pass on to my children and their children's children. A wealth of understanding, thoughtfulness, compassion, humility and gratitude. Not a sense of entitlement!!

Today, my children have those things I wished for as a child (food, shelter, clothes & on a seldom day of dreaming big... toys). Today, I am content knowing that my God has redeemed us from those years of barrenness and lack. We are far from rich, but for the most part, we are comfortable and we didn't lose our salvation to get here.😊 Those things I dream of having now, like my own house, etc. will come too, because I continue to hope in God!

Friends, do not be ashamed of where you are at now in your struggle or on your journey. It'll be the power point of your story. It'll be where you get to insert a "but God". It'll be where your real reasons to praise God are inspired. Your situation isn't final just because it looks & feels that way. God will come through! He will reimburse you for these years of nothingness.

Lastly, to those living better now, give your children a better life, but don't deny them your story. Dont try so hard to pretend that you've never known worst! They may never suffer the same way you did (kudos for making sure of that); but understand that your story could plant seeds of hope, kindness, thankfulness and humility in their hearts. Now, those are the real treasures. Treasures nonperishable, treasures that simply cannot be stolen by pirates of today's generation.

Thank you Lord for all you do and for what you will be doing. 🙌🙌🙌

Sarah Bailey

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